Airtile Fix Slate 2 - Synthetic Double Slate Tile

Airtile slate fix 2 plastic slate tiling


Airtile Slate Fix 2 Double Slate panel is an alternative modern day traditional slate. The unique double slate format has only 7 slates per m2, allowing for fast and easy installation, at only 11kg/m2.

The Airtile Slate Fix 2 can be used on roofs where a lightweight roof is required, such as roof renovations, garden buildings, conservatories, non-traditional houses, lean-tos to name a few.

The high performing Airtile Slate Fix 2 can be fixed to roof pitches as low as 15°, fully dry fixed, DIY friendly and does not break or crack like traditional slates.

Key Features & Applications

  Any RAL Colour Available

lightweight metal roof tiles for flat and pitched roofs


  • British Board of Agrément certificate number 02/3917, Manufactured using ISO 9001 approved materials 
  • Manufactured to ISO 14001 standards

Other Information:

  • The Double Slate is easy to cut using a fine-toothed jigsaw, or tin snips and comes with large range of accessories and can be fixed using nails or fasteners.
  • The built-in camber allows for a tighter fit, the tough and durable Double Slate gives great security and is made from high quality green coat steel, which provides buildings with high colour retention, long lasting finishes in any weather.
  • This eco-friendly coated steel featured a “bio-based” technology coating, reducing the environmental impact and allows for greener living.

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