Derbibrite Cool Roof Membrane



The Derbibrite 'cool roof' waterproofing membrane has a highly reflective acrylic top coat, designed to help reduce the urban heat island effect and lower internal building temperatures. It is formulated to allow direct bonding of photovoltaic panels.

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Key Features & Applications

  • The Derbibrite white waterproofing membrane is a key component in producing a ‘cool roof’ scheme and is equally suited to re-roofing or new build projects
  • The reflective surface finish reduces the heating/cooling load on the building interior and has a neutral effect on rainwater pH levels
  • Derbibrite is a fully warranted system suitable for flame-free and cold application onto warm roofs with metal, concrete or plywood decks
  • A high melt point ensures stability of the membrane in the hottest weather whilst the polyester/glass fibre reinforcement provides high tensile strength
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004

Membranes & Insulation

  • The Derbibrite membrane can also be used as the base membrane for Derbisolar Photovoltaic projects
  • The choice of insulation includes PIR, mineral wool, cork, cork/PIR composite and extruded polystyrene to suit specification and U-value parameters
  • Samples are available on request

Installation & Maintenance

  • Installed by a nationwide network of Derbigum registered contractors
  • Derbibrite is installed by cold bonding the membrane and is also suitable for spray application of the adhesive, with laps sealed by torch, hot air welding or in cold mastic
  • Only minimal routine maintenance is required



How much can Derbibrite cool a building by?

Derbibrite can cool the space beneath a flat roof by up to 5°C.


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