Alumasc Guardrail



The Alumasc Guardrail range of lightweight edge protection systems is ideal for collective fall protection measures on flat roofs. Systems are supplied in kit form for easy handling and installation.


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Range Summary

Guardrail Freestanding System

  • Guardrail Freestanding is installed completely freestanding, using a proven counterbalance weight to provide the requisite stability
  • This non-penetrative solution ensures there is no need to drill or secure through the roof membrane

Guardrail Parapet System

  • Guardrail Parapet is ideal for roofs where the existing parapet wall does not provide adequate fall protection
  • The system uses a fully adjustable bracket to clamp over an existing parapet wall
  • The bracket can be fully adjusted to suit wall widths (300-550mm) and height of top and mid rails
  • The sliding top riser unit is used to adjust the overall height of the top rail

Guardrail Topfix System

  • Guardrail Topfix mechanically secures directly to a wall or coping top and can be used to permanently protect open edges to stairwells, open shafts, or loading bays
  • An extended base plate can be added for use on trapezoidal or standing seam roof sheet systems
  • Height adjustment options of the top and mid rails are possible using the sliding top riser

Guardrail Folding System

  • Guardrail Folding offers all the benefits of the Freestanding system but also folds down flat onto the roof when not in use
  • This non-penetrative solution is the ideal solution when collective edge protection is required in visually sensitive areas


What minimum height must a Guard Rail be?

The main Guard Rail must be at least 950mm in height, with intermediate rails leaving no gap greater than 470mm and with toe boards where required – see HSE publication ‘Working on Roofs’.


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