Hydrotech MM6125 Hot Melt

  • Does Hydrotech have an Agrément Certificate?

    Hydrotech has two Agrément Certificates, No 90/2431 for inverted roofing, and 90/2432, for damp proofing.

  • Does Hydrotech have European Technical approval?

    Yes - Hydrotech holds ETA Certificate No 05/152 in addition to its BBA Certification

  • How long has Hydrotech been in use?

    Since 1963, originally formulated by the Uniroyal Company. Over 60 million m² has been installed worldwide.

  • What is the life expectancy of Hydrotech?

    As stated in Agreement Certificates 90/2431 & 2, Section 12 (durability),

    "Hydrotech Monolithic Membrane 6125, when fully protected and subject to normal service conditions, will provide an effective barrier to the transmission of liquid water and water vapour, for the design life of the building in which it is incorporated."

  • Does Hydrotech contain any solvents?

    Hydrotech is made from 100% solids, and does not contain any solvents. Hydrotech is therefore waterproof immediately following application.

  • Who can install Hydrotech?

    A network of Hydrotech Accredited Contractors, covering the whole of the UK and Eire. 

  • What warranties are available on Hydrotech systems?

    12, 15 and 20 years, covering latent product defect and workmanship. Extended warranties and/or enhanced terms are available for selected projects upon application.

  • What substrates are suitable for Hydrotech?

    Hydrotech can be applied to wood float finished structural concrete with a density of 2160-2563kg/m³, cured for 28 days, or lightweight structural concrete with a density of 1400-1840kg/m³.

    Other substrates may be suitable, and can be assessed by means of a simple bond test.

    Lightweight insulating concrete is not a suitable substrate to receive Hydrotech.

    Hydrotech can also be readily applied to clean plywood and de-greased metal/steel.

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